Renaissance College


ManageBac is the platform we use at Renaissance College for students to record their digital CAS portfolio. For each experience, students must post:

  • • an appropriate title indicating short term/long term/CAS Week/Project

  • • description of the experience, including goals and why it is challenging

  • • dates for involvement in the experience. These can be edited if needed.

  • • supervisor name and valid email (e.g. [email protected] NOT [email protected])

  • • select appropriate strand(s) C, A, S and learning outcomes (as a rough guide 1-2 for a short term, 2-3 for a long term - focus on the most 

  •   important outcomes for that experience)

Once posted on ManageBac, the experience will be pending until the advisor/CAS Counsellor/Coordinator approves it.

If an experience is awaiting approval, check that the above has been completed.

For experiences outside of school to be approved, students need to hand in a completed External Supervisor form to the CAS office with valid contact details for the external supervisor. 

For a CAS experience to be complete, students must:

  • • upload evidence under the ‘Reflections and Evidence’ tab

  • • upload reflection(s) or complete the CAS questions (see the Reflections page for the expectations for this)

  • • request supervisor review


Advisors can check the continuity of a student’s CAS programme and the balance across the three strands on the homepage under the ‘timeline’ tab.

Students’ progress against the seven learning outcomes is tracked on the homepage and at the end of the final interview advisors will check off ‘Student has completed the CAS Programme’.