Renaissance College


1. Can I complete all of my CAS requirement in Year 12?

No. CAS is not something that a student is encouraged to ‘get out of the way’ at the earliest opportunity. This would defeat the philosophy of CAS in the same way that hour counting is not encouraged. The IB expects students to participate in CAS activities for at least 18 months of their DP programme. You can’t be a well-rounded person in Year 12 and then ditch it in Year 13! 

2. I have been playing basketball since Year 10.  Can I still count it as CAS if I continue to play in Year 12?

Yes, provided that you set and articulate challenging goals for yourself.  You are encouraged to move out of your comfort zone and try something new for CAS but that doesn’t mean all of your CAS needs to be unfamiliar as long as it isn't passive.  

3. Must I undertake short term experiences if I have several long term commitments in one category of CAS already?

No, you don’t have to undertake anything short term if you don’t want to. The IB requires that you have a reasonable balance between creativity, activity and service and regular participation in CAS for at least 18 months. There is no set required number of experiences and we encourage quality over quantity. Please speak to your Advisor, CAS counsellor or the CAS Coordinator if you are unsure about your personal CAS programme. 

4. How do I know whether an experience can be counted as CAS?

In short, as long as you can justify that you can fulfil a learning outcome through the experience and you can justify that it comes under at least one of the strands. Check out the flow chart on the ‘Is it CAS?’ page to help you decide if an experience is CAS. 

5. If I am involved in a CAS experience over both Year 12 and 13, should I count it as two separate experiences? 

Not unless there is a good reason to, for example, if your supervisor is changing and you need to get the review at the end of year 12 from your current supervisor before they changeover in year 13, or your role is changing so it’s a different experience. Splitting it into two experiences is more work for you, your supervisor and your advisor so be sensible! You are expected to continue with CAS over the summer between year 12 and 13 so continuing an experience is totally acceptable. Please speak to your CAS counsellor or the CAS coordinator if you or your advisor are unsure.