Renaissance College


RAPT (Renaissance Association of Parents and Teachers) undertakes a wide range of activities at RC with the intention of engaging the parent community, and also raises money to fund appropriate college projects and pursuits.

Students can apply for RAPT funding if there is not any budget set aside already by the College.  All applications though not guaranteed will be given appropriate consideration. Details of the funding needed, why and how it will benefit the RC community should be given on the Funding Support Application. You should seek approval from a member of the College Management team for your application, before forwarding it to RAPT:

College support will, of course, add weight to the application.

Funding support applications are considered by the RAPT Committee during its monthly meetings, either individually or as part of a bundle.  During the evaluation process, you may be requested to attend a Committee meeting and address Members.  You will be kept fully informed as to the progress of your application.

At the conclusion of the project or after a purchase has been put into use, you should forward a report giving your views on the success of the initiative.

Any questions on the completion of this form or on the funding support process generally should be addressed to the Co-chair of RAPT, at [email protected] or [email protected]