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If you wish to advertise your event/club/activity there are a variety of options. Two things to bear in mind are (i) how to get people's attention and give them the necessary information, and (ii) ensuring you have approval for any communications you send out. Always speak with your supervisor or S&A/CAS Coordinator first. 

Possible avenues for promotion:

1. Student bulletin - this goes out every day at 4 pm direct to every student and staff member's inbox. It's easy to use and saves us from getting bombarded with lots of individual emails! Your supervisor can post this for you. 

2. Advisory slides - Heads of Years oversee these and advisors are regularly reminded to show these during advisories. Contact the relevant Heads of Year. Clarify the nature of the event, and share the slide(s) you would like to be shown by advisors. Ensure that all necessary information is included on the slides or that contact details are provided in case students have questions. 

3. Assembly presentations - assemblies are run by Heads of Years and allow you to speak to entire year groups at once, and show some personality! Contact the relevant Heads of Year. Clarify the nature of the event, if you need a visual to be displayed, and how long you would like to speak. 

4. Posters around school - scroll down for more information on this.

5. S&A/CAS Google classroom - these are run by the relevant year group S&A/CAS coordinator.  Scroll down for more information on this.

6. Black Kites Newsletter - goes out to all the parents, students and staff in the RC community. See 'Communications team' below for details of how to contact them. 

7. Staff bulletin -  a daily morning bulletin where announcements specific to staff can be shared.  Your supervisor can post to this. 

8. Emails to year groups - discouraged, to save your inboxes being spammed! These emails are blocked until approved by Head of Year so best to email them first to ask permission if you really feel it's necessary. 

9. EBlasts - used infrequently but can be sent for example to advertise a primary ASA to a particular year group's parents. These are sent by the Communications department.  See 'Communications team' below for details of how to contact them. 


Any marketing directly to primary students needs to be approved by the Head of Primary, Mr Schmitz first. Email him at [email protected] with clear details of the event and reasons why you feel direct advertising is needed (bear in mind the age of students and how you would convey information to a younger audience – the best route is often to reach out to parents through the Newsletter or specific year Eblast)


Students should ensure that their supervisor is included in emails requesting resources or contacting other staff members. Students should not be emailing whole year groups as this creates excessive email traffic - please think carefully before you email! 


The Communications team can help you to contact parents and the school community through e-blasts, the newsletter and school social media sites,  once approved. It’s also a great idea to let them know if you’re running a school event that they can come along and cover.

Your supervisor should be included in any emails to the communications team. 

                                                            Marta Drzewakowska: [email protected]

                                                      Elizabeth Ellis: [email protected]  


If you’re running a social media page please check the following guidelines and contact Elizabeth Ellis [email protected] if you have any questions.

RCHK Social Media guidelines


Clubs, events and other opportunities should be advertised to students through the student bulletin and/or via the relevant year group S&A/CAS google classroom. 

See the 'Supervisors' page for how to go about this. 


If you wish to put up advertising posters you will need to contact Samuel Hureau, Business Manager, for permission attaching a copy of the poster and showing the date by which it can be taken down.  You are responsible for taking down posters once out of date - make sure to put them in a recycling bin!