Renaissance College


At RCHK, our students are creative, ambitious, innovative and energetic and as such we have a number of student-led events each year, from fashion shows to musical and dance events, sporting tournaments and MUN events, to name but a few!


Whilst Student-led Events committee meetings have been put on hold during the school year 2020-21, students still need to seek approval from their relevant Service/CAS Coordinator and Ms Williams HOS in order to run whole-school/secondary events either online or in person.  Examples of these type of events are Beleza, Trashion, Dance Without Borders, Ingenium, sports tournaments, Famine 24, Maths Race, and International Evening.

If you wish to lead the running of a school event, you will need to follow the following guidelines (click the 'Event Planning checklist for students' link below the image to see this as a pdf with links embedded). 

Booking Facilities:

To book any of the facilities in school, you need to ask your supervisor to book via

You should check iCAL to see what else is on at that time and give consideration to whether your target audience will be available. 

If you require any of the technical equipment in the PAC (e.g. microphone, projector) your supervisor will need to fill out a PAC Tech request form or email [email protected] 

Student-led events proposal TEMPLATE

Sign up schedule for committee meetings

Event planning checklist

Tech Request form