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MYP S & A Guide & Requirements 2020/21 for students

MYP S & A Guide & Requirements 2020/21 for parents

S & A Guide and requirements 2020/21 for students

1) Program Description
2) Example Activities
3) Program Requirements
4) Outcomes
5) Important Dates for Advisors
6) Managebac
7) Important Forms
8) Student Run Clubs
9) Final Interview Year 11

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Ms. Vidya Madhavan                                                                                                                                              

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1) Program Description 

According to the IB MYP Principles to Practice guide, service is a shared value of the IB community. One of the characteristics listed in the IB Learner Profile is ‘caring’. MYP students display this characteristic by showing empathy, compassion, and respect, while making a positive difference in the world.   

Students that participate in service activities are able to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it to their communities. Service is an opportunity for students to recognize issues in their school community, city, or on a global scale, and initiate action to alleviate a problem. This is engaging to them, and a core component of the IB framework. 

A satisfactory level of Service and Action is required for students to obtain their MYP Completion Certificate at Renaissance College.

What is service?

● Authentic and meaningful direct connections with beneficiaries 

● Unpaid and voluntary exchange with a learning benefit for the volunteer

● Providing a service for someone who cannot pay for, access, or perform it themselves 

● Creating clubs or organizations in school to assist members of the RCHK community 

    What is NOT service?

    ● Anything that counts towards any subject requirement. 

    ● Anything involving competition that has a focus on personal skill development - such as sport teams, recitals, debates...etc. 

    ● Anything for which you receive payment. 

    ● Internships and work experience with no service element.

    ● Working for someone who has the capacity to pay. 

    ● Anything involving indoctrination/teaching of religious and political beliefs, however charity events organized by religious and political organizations would be acceptable. 

    ● Anything within the family/relatives – NO FAMILY MEMBERS can be Activity Supervisors. 

    ● Raising money with no particular goal and no raising of awareness. 

    ● Mundane and repetitive activities with no responsibility and no personal challenge. 

    ● Anything unsupervised by an adult. 

    2) Example Activities

    *For all out of school activities please print the permission slip from CAS website and submit to Ms. Mandy Wong in the 4th floor secondary office*

    3) Program Requirements

     *If students are involved in a year-long project (16-hour minimum), they are not required to do any other majors or minors. Please confirm year-long projects with your advisor* 
    Both Year 10 and 11 students will need to pass a final interview in which they review their service portfolio on ManageBac with their advisor. Additionally, Year 11 students will need to upload a 200 word ‘Exit Response,’ reflecting on their personal growth in connection with one of the seven outcomes.

    Advisor vs. supervisor

    Service and Action Advisors – Your Advisor is your Advisory Teacher. Your Advisor approves your S/A Activities and insures that you meet the program requirements for entirety of S/A 

    Role of the Advisor

    The advisory teacher implements the S&A program in their advisory group.  Their role is to: 
    ● Check in with students regarding progress regularly. 
    ● Approve and monitor activities on ManageBac. 
    Page 10 
    ● Complete mid-year reviews and final interviews with students. 

    Service and Action Supervisors – Your Supervisor is the person who supervises your service activities. If you help with Primary Sports Friday, it is the teacher you work with each Friday afternoon. If you volunteer at an animal shelter, it is the adult who supervises you at the shelter. This person does have to complete a Supervisor’s Review. You can send a link through ManageBac 

    Role of the Supervisor 
    Each Service & Action activity needs an adult supervisor. This does not necessarily have to be a member of staff, but CANNOT be a family member. Activities can be either teacher-led or student-run. Either way, the supervisor will need to: 
    ● Keep track of who is in attendance. 
    ● Submit reviews for all participants on ManageBac. 
    ● Be present or nearby. 
    ● Contact S&A Coordinator if there are any concerns regarding a student’s commitment. 

    **For student-run activities, it is suggested that the supervisors share a Google Doc with the student leaders, where the students can take attendance and write comments for all participants, which the supervisor can then copy-paste onto ManageBac. 

    Other notes: 
    ● You have the right to read students’ reflections on ManageBac. 
    ● You do not have to sign off on a student’s participation if you feel that their attendance, behaviour, or commitment was unsatisfactory. Please explain why in your supervisor review. 
    ● You do not have to justify an activity as appropriate for S&A, this is the student’s responsibility

    4) Outcomes 
    Students are expected to achieve five out of the seven following outcomes.
    1. Initiate, plan and evaluate a service activity and discuss it during their final reflection process. 
    2. Undertake challenges that allow them the opportunity to develop new skills.
    3. Show perseverance through a service activity.
    4. Work collaboratively with others. 
    5. Demonstrate international mindedness through global engagement, multilingualism and multicultural understanding. 
    6. Show understanding of ethical implications of their actions 
    7. Reflect upon their own strengths and areas for growth from their service activities.

    The first outcome is an expectation for Academic Scholarship recipients in order to demonstrate their leadership skills and contributions to the RCHK community. 

     5) Important Dates 

    Determination of Pass/Fail – YR 11 students must demonstrate they will complete S/A Requirement No later than Monday 30 March 2021 

    6) Managebac

              ManageBac is a digital portfolio of students’ service activities.                                                                      For each activity, students must post: 
              ● Photographic evidence under the ‘Reflections & Evidence’ tab 
              ● Completed SA Questions 
              ● A supervisor review 
              ● Indicate whether the activity is in school or off campus 
              ● A title that show many hours the activity was, labelling it as either a long term or  short 

    At the beginning of an activity, advisors must approve the service activity. They can change the status to ‘Completed’ for individual activities once the student has uploaded all of the required documentation. At the Mid-Year Review and Final Interview, advisors will notify the S&A Coordinator about students’ progress by flagging them as on-track, excellent, or concern.

    At the end of the Final Interview, advisors will check off ‘Student has completed the S&A Programme’ on the student’s homepage as shown below:

    7) Important Forms

    All forms are available on PHI on Google Classroom and on the Service website You will need to utilize these forms if you want to: 
    • Start your own club or activity 
    • Start your own club or activity with Primary Students 
    • Do a fund-raising activity (Read through Fund Raising Protocols, Submit Fund Raising Application, Track income and expenses) 
    • Plan an event 

    Remember – all activities, clubs, fund-raisers, and events must have an adult supervisor who is responsible and supervising during he activity and to approve the completion of the activity. 

    Ms. Madhavan is available to help if you are struggling with a form.

    8) Student Run clubs 

    Steps for starting a student run club: Secondary 

    1. Create a Google Doc where you will compile all of your ideas, planning, attendance, comments, etc. 

    2. Share this document with your teacher supervisor. 

    3. Create a timetable for your sessions and what you want to accomplish each week. 

    4. Send an advertisement to either your supervisor or S&A Co-ordinator to run in the student bulletin to recruit student members.

     5. Decide how many students you want to accept, and if there are too many students interested, notify later applicants that the club is full. 

    6. Send out a Google form to members to gather details about all the members. 

    7. Share the club goals, expectations, and schedule with students involved. This shows organization on your part. 

    8. Take attendance each meeting, and create a back-up plan in case you are absent. Is there someone who will run the session for you? 

    9. You must have a teacher present, so if your teacher supervisor can’t make it, make sure you find other adult supervision. 

    10. Train someone younger in the club who might be able to take it over in the future, promoting sustainability and ensuring that your excellent work will continue. 

    Additional steps for starting an S&A club for primary students: 

    1. Send an email to Mr. Schmitz for approval (Head of Primary). We will then send it to parents of your chosen year level. Have two emails formulated to send back to parents. One starting with 'Congratulations, your child has been accepted to participate...' and one saying 'Unfortunately due to place restraints your child will not be able to attend...' That way when you receive the PLETHORA of emails you will get from parents you will be able to immediately respond. 

    2. You will need to have all details of the child’s name, class, age, parent’s email. Create some kind of Google Form for them to fill out so you have all the information centrally located. 

    3. You will need to also make a schedule which will be given to parents to show what the students will be doing at the club so they know it is age appropriate. You will have to make it very clear that students will be unattended from 3-3:15 when you will then pick them up. They will also need to be picked up on time at completion of the club and that needs to be made clear to parents. 

    4. Create a sign in/sign out sheet so you can keep track of the children in the club. The club CAN NEVER BE CANCELLED so you need to ensure that you can attend all the dates in your club or have a back-up plan.

    9) Final Interview Year 11 

    The final interview is a meeting between the student and their advisor. In this meeting, the student will show evidence that they have completed the S&A program for that school year and discuss personal growth. 

    ● Review ManageBac portfolio together and check for the following: 
    o Majors/Minors Completed 
    o One photo per activity 
    o Supervisor reviews submitted 
    o S&A questions answered 
    o Year 11s have uploaded their 200 word ‘Exit Response’ 

    ● Confirm that student has competed five out of the seven outcomes. 
    o Students show advisors an example of how they achieved each outcome. 
    o Discuss which one was the biggest challenge. 

    ● Have a general discussion using the following guiding questions: 
    o What activities provided the most growth for you? Which outcome did you improve the most on? 
    o Would you repeat any of these activities again next year? 
    o How could your service activities be even more effective or productive next year? 
    o Why do you think service might be so beneficial to a community? 

    ● Year 11 students share their 200 word ‘Exit Response’, reflecting on growth in one outcome 
    ● Advisor checks the ‘Completed’ box on the student’s ManageBac profile. 
    ● Students of concern/excellence referred to Ms. Madhavan