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[email protected] - SERVICE PROJECTS AT RCHK

Service is an integral part of Renaissance College’s mission statement and is summed up in the shortened version that says, “to seek, to strive, to serve”. Throughout the year, staff, students and parents work to develop Service Projects in Hong Kong and throughout the region. Money raised by the community is allocated to support a wide range of projects including Bali, Luang Prabang, Phnom Penh and Sabah.

In many ways, RCHK surpasses the expectations placed upon it by the IB and engages in many service projects with a commitment that is sustained and meaningful. Many of the projects that we support are other schools where students do not have many of the basic resources that we take for granted. In some cases, it can be as basic as providing an education where none is provided.


We are committed to raising HK$397,000 annually for our Service Projects. We would like to provide as much support as we can, but we cannot do this alone – we need your help!

Cash donations are accepted throughout the year. You may make your cheque payable to “Renaissance College” and write ‘[email protected]’ on the back of the cheque (to be handed to Ms. Wong on the 4th floor Secondary Office, Administrative Building).

Your donations will make a difference. Thank you!


Side by Side Organic Farm in Bali

Located in Dausa, East Bali, the Side By Side Farm has been one of the destinations for CAS programmes and the recipient of donations made by RCHK. Such contributions help make a huge difference to the lives of people in and around Dausa village. In 2019/20 funds from RCHK went towards producing educational materials and programs for the local community to improve farming efficiency as well as improve the living of the villagers, including houses renovations. Based on the report from Side by Side Organic Farm, the organization is also looking at using a part of the donation to buy and raise moringa trees, the powder produced from which can be used as an antibiotic.

Cambodian Teacher Training Project (CTTP) in Cambodia

Working with CTTP for years, in 2019 RCHK donated over HK$ 30,000 towards activities ensuring teacher training and maintaining the facilities at the training centre. Through funding, we also make sure schools’ continuity and that they are not being left without vacancies to ensure continuity of education. The CTTP also provides basic accommodation for the trainee teachers.

Community Learning International in Laos

CLI’s Learning Centres provide opportunities for rural kids to encounter, explore and learn in areas they could not otherwise. Through RCHK’s Partnership with Community Learning International (CLI), RCHK students can have direct impact and involvement with local Laos children. The recent projects supported by [email protected] fund were two Lao Children’s Library Boats, which bring books and learning activities to nearly 100 riverside villages and three rural district Learning Centers which bring books and activities by motorbike to more than 100 rural/remote primary schools. The funds also went to school infrastructure construction, with an emphasis on classrooms for ethnic minority students and dormitories for girls.

 Seung River Project in Laos

Organized by and in collaboration with Buffalo Tours, RCHK secondary students have participated in cement making, wall building, dirt shovelling and hoeing – resulting in exhausted arms but a sense of accomplishment, as they contributed to building dormitories for those students who had to travel distances of up to 40 kilometres to get to school. The group was also invited to play football and volleyball with local students. This Laos cultural exchange and experience allowed them to collaborate with the local students, dancing and singing local songs and learning how to make the traditional ceremonial decoration with banana leaves and flowers, among other activities.

Deeya Shree English Boarding School in Nepal

In November 2019, during CAS Week, secondary students visited our [email protected] projects at Deeya Shree School in Kathmandu, Nepal. It has been an immense pleasure for the school to receive a team of teachers and students from RCHK every year as local students are very excited to study and interact with them as well as have the opportunity to be exposed to the international teaching methods and technology. With RCHK’s financial contribution every year, Deeya Shree School have been able to make numerous improvements, including uninterrupted internet facilities, purchase of the printer and bookshelves and stationery.
Moreover, the school has been operating in the new building, which will eventually be upgrading to a high school in due course.

George Mhaule Primary School in South Africa

 A visit to George Mhaule Primary School in Numbi was very memorable and heart-warming, and undoubtedly the happiest moment of the South Africa trip. This was [email protected] project which was a part of annual RCHK’s Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Week. Our students helped build a playground for the local students. The site includes a bus, an obstacle course and painted tires and wooden posts. Though our students’ stay at the school was very short, they were able to interact with children during their breaks and play football. In the future, we hope to continue working with and supporting the George Mhaule school, which would hopefully include collecting and sending books to students, as the school’s current library is very limited.