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Role of the Supervisor

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The role of a supervisor is two-fold: 

(i) to offer support and advice and oversee risk management (e.g. school fashion show, ASA)

(ii) to authenticate a student’s S&A/CAS programme (e.g. personal fitness outside of school)


Each S&A/CAS experience needs an adult supervisor. This does not necessarily have to be a member of staff, but CANNOT be a family member* or student.

*Family members cannot be “verifying” activity supervisors, but can supervise safety. 

It may be someone who has knowledge of the thing your experience involves, or it may be your S&A/CAS advisor or CAS counsellor who has particular knowledge of you. Please ensure you speak with your supervisor BEFORE starting an activity to ensure you've agreed on your plan and what evidence you will collect. 

When using technical equipment or facilities that contain tech equipment (e.g. BBT) you must have a supervisor there.

Remember that on Mondays, teaching staff have meetings so don't run an activity that needs supervised then.

If you are a DP student and your supervisor is external, you will need to ask them to sign an External supervisor form to confirm they understand the duties of a supervisor. 


If students approach you to be their supervisor, please ensure you get all the relevant details including when you will be needed for supervision, before agreeing to commit.  Get in touch with the relevant coordinators if you are unsure. Supervisors are requested to attend proposal meetings for fundraising/student-led events/CAS projects to ensure clarity across all parties. 


School-based activities can be either teacher-led or student-run**. Either way, the supervisor will need to:

• Keep track of who is in attendance.
• Submit reviews for all participants on ManageBac.
• Complete a risk assessment if appropriate, or support students in completing one and approve it
• Be present or nearby - If your ASA or CAS/SA activity involves younger students being supervised by older students there is still an expectation that you are nearby in easy reach.  If the younger students are primary age or the activity is taking place in the BBT or PAC with tech equipment, you must be present to supervise. 
• Contact relevant S&A/CAS Coordinator if there are any concerns regarding a student’s commitment.

**For student-run activities, it is suggested that supervisors request that student leaders share a Google Doc where the students can take attendance and write comments for all participants, which the supervisor can then copy-paste onto ManageBac.

Other notes:

• You have the right to read students’ reflections on ManageBac.
• You do not have to sign off on a student’s participation if you feel that their attendance, behaviour or commitment was unsatisfactory. Please 

  explain why in your supervisor review.  If you are concerned about a student’s engagement and it does not improve after speaking with          them, please let the student’s advisor or the S&A/CAS Coordinator know.

• You do not have to justify an activity as appropriate for S&A/CAS, this is the student’s responsibility.
Supervisors do not have to check off students’ experience status as Complete - the advisor will do that after checking for all the required documentation.


Students should be advertising to other students through the PHI student bulletin and not emailing year groups. Staff members can post adverts on the bulletin on students' behalf:

Log into PHI 

Click on the '+' symbol on the far right of the homepage:                                        Fill in the information and send it to the target audience:


We also have google classrooms for Y7-11 S&A and Y12-13 CAS where opportunities can be advertised through the relevant Coordinator, just get in touch.