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  Careful consideration should always be given to fundraising and its purpose.  Fundraising should not occur without advocacy and raising      awareness.  

Students are encouraged to plan innovative and engaging fundraising that goes beyond casual wear days and bake sales and be mindful of the number of requests made to the school community as well as provide transparency for what funds are going towards. 

NEW FOR 2019

We now have a Charitable Fundraising Committee who will oversee the approval and scheduling of all whole-school/secondary fundraising appeals. Examples of the type of fundraising we expect to come through the committee are Jie Jie day appeals, Box of Hope, Crazy Hair day, UNICEF dress up/down days, bake sales. Events like Famine 24, Pedal Kart or 24-hour Race are not expected to go through the committee as this fundraising is only done by the participants. 

If you wish to run a fundraiser, you will need to follow the following protocol: 

  Fundraising Protocols - Secondary School:

1.  You must have an activity supervisor willing to advise and support you, and to help you monitor your financial accounts.
2.  A Fundraising Proposal must be written to plan what you want to do, why and how. This should be shared with your supervisor.  You should also start to fill in the Fundraising Account Application form. This has to include the estimated expenditure for your activity including the cost of any products being sold to students or staff.  

3.  You must then submit the Fundraising Proposal to the Charitable Fundraising committee at [email protected] and sign up for an approval meeting.  Meetings will take place at lunchtime on Mondays Week 1 and the sign up schedule will be shared with you after you submit your proposal.  The proposal must be submitted at least 2 days before the meeting to give time for the committee to prepare. 

4.  The lead students should attend the meeting with the committee to discuss their plans and answer any questions and take on board  

     the committees advice. Ideally the supervisor should also attend. 

5.  Once approved, students should get the committee’s signature on the Fundraising Account Application form and submit this to Jeannie Hu, Finance Officer, 5th floor, [email protected]

6.  The College Business Manager will supervise all fundraising.
7.  Money collected every day MUST be deposited at the end of break and/or lunch with the 5th floor, where it will be counted and secured. 

     Students should never be in charge of money overnight. 

8.  All receipts must be kept and all money paid out must be accounted for.
9.  Money raised through fundraising should NOT be used to take taxis or order pizza or food for activity members.
10.  An Accounts spreadsheet must be used to track all money in and out in relation to your fundraising activity. 

11. Accounts should be signed-off by the Business Manager within ten days of the conclusion of your activity. All money should be collected 

    in and all invoices should be paid. A minimum of 10% from all fundraising activities will be donated to [email protected], except for funds raised for        the Terry Fox Run or by special arrangement. This money will be automatically donated through the Business Office.  Activities may                choose to donate more than 10% to [email protected] if they wish.

12. When everything is in order the Business Manager will arrange for the raised funds to be deposited into the College bank account and           the benefitting charity to be issued with a cheque. Do NOT give money directly to charity representatives on the night of an event. Pay  

     all money in and funds will be sent electronically to charity bank accounts.

13. You must inform the community of the amount raised, and the name of the benefitting charity, for example through the school 

     newsletter and/or the bulletin. 

Booking Facilities:

To book any of the facilities in school, you need to ask your supervisor to book via

You should check iCAL to see what else is on at that time and give consideration to whether your target audience will be available. 

If you require any of the technical equipment in the PAC (e.g. microphone, projector) your supervisor will need to fill out a PAC Tech request form or email [email protected] 

RCHK Tech Request form 

Fundraising Account template

Fundraising Account Application form

Fundraising Proposal TEMPLATE